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Unregulated Carpet Cleaning Industry

Posted on January 29, 2017 at 8:45 PM

Did you know that the carpet cleaning industry in Australia is unregulated!

Formal carpet cleaning training only started in 1994 and it is not a requirement to have, this means anyone can go and purchase a machine and call themselves a carpet cleaner. They are unqualified and untrained looking for quick cash, they are like to ask customers what have you been quoted and then they undercut the professional and reputable carpet cleaners.

At By Lab Carpet & Pest we have formal training and are qualified and certified in Carpet Cleaning and Advance Stain Removal. Carpets are costly to install and purchase they need to be correctly maintained to ensure you get a useful life out of them. You won’t want an unqualified mechanic looking at your car would you? So why would you use an unqualified carpet cleaner to clean your carpets! Only a carpet cleaner who is qualified and certified can identify the correct cleaning methods for your carpet fibres and fabrics. Carpet should be cleaned at least every 12 months, when carpets are cleaned and maintained correctly and on a regular basis it increases the carpet life significantly.

The most important maintenance for you carpet is thorough and regular vacuuming at least once a week and more in heavy traffic areas, by proper vacuuming it will remove soil and dirt particles before they get embedded into the carpets pile.

What to do if you spill something!

DO NOT SCRUB OR RUB this can cause permanent pile damage.

1. Scoop up any solids before cleaning.

2. Blot up as much liquid as you can using a clean white towel or paper towel.

3. Clean with only water do not saturate the carpet. (There are other detergents you could use but we advise our customers to only use water).

4. Blot dry with white paper towel.

5. Call By Lab Carpet & Pest.

By following the above steps, we have a better chance of removing the stain.



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